6 Fun and Fab Ladies' Night Out Ideas

We know that we’re all craving for that “Night Out” with our ladies and for some, it may be a distant memory. But fret not because we have listed our 6 Fun and Fab Ladies Night Out Ideas that you can try instantly at the safety of your home!

  1. Sing your heart out in karaoke. Either you’re a Celine Dion-wannabe, Lana Del Rey-fanatic, or Adele-enthusiast, you can have fun with the ladies and pour out all your feelings!
  1. Wine-tasting party. Who needs to go to a bar when you can bring home the party?! Grab that Chardonnay or Pinot Noir that you truly love and share it with your best friends over the topic of ex-boyfriends, or newlyweds, or new job promotion in your career!
  1. Watch a meteor shower. We’ve been out in the sun, now let’s get under the moon! Watching a meteor shower with the ladies and dreaming together, and wishing all the best for each other is such a great way to bond.
  1. Rewatch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. When we say FAB, we mean Rachel Green! She’s all about fun and fab – and when we watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S., it simply brings us friends together. We all need a pinch of geekiness from *Dr.* Ross Geller, a bunch of laughter from Chandler Bing and a good dose of handsomeness from Joey Tribbiani! 
  1. DIY Photoshoot. We all need a Brand Photoshoot for our business, but we also need to have a chill DIY Photoshoot with friends! Grab your cameras, fur coat and those pair of heels. We’re not going anywhere, oops, but we’re gonna have fun with the cameras!
  1. Self-care Nail Polish. Nothing beats relaxing with friends from the busy week we all had! Painting each other’s nails and sipping our favorite drink, munching on sweet cupcakes is a sure way to bring out the juiciest stories from our best friends! 

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