Getting a Gel Manicure? Here’s What You Should Know!

Treating yourself now and then should always be a regular thing, especially if you’ve been working hard. This is why for most people, having a ‘me time’ has been a part of their weekly schedules. This ‘me time’ often includes going out for food or drinks, going to the spa, or simply getting manicures.

But imagine coming home from a day at the salon, only to notice that your nail polish has chipped already. What a nightmare! And what a terrible way to end the day, right? So you think to yourself, how do you avoid this from happening again? How do you stop ruining the day dedicated to self-love? A solution could be gel polish, but is it good for you? Let us help you answer your questions.


What is gel polish? How is it different from regular nail polish?

Gel polish and regular nail polish have varying differences. From application, drying method, drying time, longevity, and removal. As we all know, regular nail polish has the most convenient application process; coat your nails, air dry them, and go. 

With gel polish, your nails may need buffing before the application so that they may hold the gel better. After the application, it is then dried under a UV lamp

As for longevity, gel polishes can last up to 2 weeks or more, depending on your hand activities, whereas regular nail polish can chip within the day if you’re not careful. And for the removal, regular nail polish can be wiped off using a nail polish remover. On the other hand, gel polish needs a bit of soaking for you to be able to push or peel it off. 


Does it have any effects on the nails?

Like any cosmetic product, gel polish can cause different reactions to your skin and nails. Given that gel polishes are often cured under a UV lamp, you should always make sure to put sunscreen on your hands to protect your skin from damages. At the same time, check the ingredients of the gel polish you’ll be using to ensure none of the contents are harmful to your skin. 

Of course, we highly suggest organic brands like PINKARAT, as all our One Step Gel Polish are made from 100% organic ingredients. Not only do we make sure that all the ingredients are non-toxic, but also cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.


Should you go for gel polish?

If you’re the busy kind who rarely has time to get your nails done and want beautiful nails all the time, our answer is YES – you should definitely go for it! And if you don’t have time to go to the salon, PINKARAT’s Nail Expression Kit is the one for you. 

PINKARAT’s Nail Expression Kit contains 1-3 signature colors, UV lamp, cuticle wand, magic remover, and nail file. By grabbing one now, you can save so much time and money already, especially if you’re pretty well versed in doing your nails. This way, you can have pretty nails anywhere you are, whenever you need it. 



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