Nail Biting Problem? Here’s How to Stop

Nail-biting may seem just like a habit for some people, like lip-licking or chewing the inside of your cheek is. According to medical journals, adults who bite their nails have most likely had this habit since childhood. However, while some may not have grown out of it, others developed the habit as a response to anxiety triggers.

How Nail Biting Can Be Harmful

While nail-biting may seem harmless, there are still many adverse effects it can give you and your body. Such effects are:

  • Weird nail growth

Nail-biting can make your nail grow in strange ways. It can grow crooked, trigger ingrown, or even wound your nail beds – if you bite and pull.

  • Lips and teeth damage

Nails are hard. That means that biting nails can sometimes feel like chewing on bones. And such hard materials can scratch and thin the enamel of your teeth over time, a kind of damage that can cause them to crack. Uneven nails can also be sharp, and one lousy bite can scratch your lips.

  • Getting Sick:

While your nails may look clean, like your hands, they are almost always dirty. That means a lot of bacteria and germs are on them. And even though you might not be someone who swallows their nails, simply touching your mouth gives the germs easier access to enter your body, which can make you sick.


Nail Biting Problem? Here’s How to Stop


Different Ways You Can Stop

Now that you know the harm nail-biting can cause, here are our suggestions in how you can help yourself stop:

  • Keep Nails Short

One of the simplest ways to avoid nail-biting is not giving yourself a chance to bite into any. You can do this by keeping them trimmed short.

  • Try Wearing Gloves

Having something covering your hands can help prevent you from biting your nails.

  • Know Your Triggers and Keep Your Hands and Mouth Busy

Nail-biting is often done automatically. It’s like an auto-response to emotions such as boredom, hunger, nervousness, or anxiety. However, knowing your triggers to such feelings can help you avoid the habit. Also, by keeping your hands or mouth busy, you can avoid letting these two parts of your body interact. You can do this by having a fidget device or having gum ready if you feel like chewing on something.


  • Give Your Nails a Regular Makeover

Keeping your nails pretty may seem like it won’t help – but it does. And this is because the first thing you’re going to see is how beautiful they are – especially if you’re using PINKARAT’s One Step Gel Polish. You’ll think twice about wanting to ruin them because that will be such a waste of time, money, and effort – which you’ve put into making them look pretty.

While nail-biting may be a hard habit to break, you can still keep yourself safe by ensuring that the products you put on your nails are non-toxic. PINKARAT’s One Step Gel Polish is 100% Organic and HEMA-free. So even if you might accidentally bite your nails during the time you’re trying to stop – rest assured that you won’t be ingesting anything toxic when you have PINKARAT’s Gel Polish on.



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