The Best Nail Shape for 2021 and Which You Should Go For

Unlike fifty years ago, getting your nails done has been so much easier these days. Salons are everywhere, and home kits like PINKARAT’s Nail Expression Kit are readily available for anyone to purchase and use. And aside from that – there are so much more colors to choose from. 

But if we’re going to be honest, we think you’ll understand that nail shapes are just as important as the kind of polish you’re using. So, what nail shape should we really go for, and how do we find out? Below are our tips on what shape you should file your nails into, to enhance the overall aesthetic of your hands.

Fingers Type: Long and Slender
Nail Shape You Should Go For: Rounded
The rounded nail tips have always been considered a classic as it follows the natural fingertip shape. Aside from it being easy to maintain, it also gives an average length look to long and slender fingers.

Fingers Type: Average and Wide
Nail Shape You Should Go For: Oval
The oval nails are a slightly longer version of the rounded nail shape. And if you have average-length fingers that are a bit wide, this helps create an illusion of slenderness. It also makes the fingers look slightly longer.
Fingers Type: Long and Thin
Nail Shape You Should Go For: Square
The square nails help add width to long and thin fingers. So if you’re looking to make your digits look thicker, this is the best nail shape you can go for.
 Fingers Type: Average and Straight
Nail Shape You Should Go For: Almond
The almond nail shape has a narrow round tip. This is great for straight or rectangular sped fingers, at it helps give it a softer, more slender look.
Fingers Type: Short and Wide
Nail Shape You Should Go For: Ballerina
The ballerina nail shape got its name from the ballerina’s pointe shoes. In a way, it is a fusion of the oval, almond, and square nail shapes. If you have short and wide fingers and are looking to make it appear longer and more slender, this is the best nail shape you should go for.
Now, these are just tips on the kind of nail shapes you can go for and the look it can give your fingers. Remember that the best shape is still the most comfortable length and shape that wouldn’t hinder or limit your movements or use of your hands.
So now that you have an idea of what look you want to go for, the next step is to file those nails. And to complete the look, put on an excellent gel polish to give your tips a more vibrant look. Of course, the best gel polish you can use is PINKARAT’s one-step gel polish. No need for a top or base coat, and no wiping is needed. Just polish, cure under the lamp, and go!

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