Top 5 nail polish shades this summer 2021

Hooray! It’s the summer season and it’s time to get that sun-kissed skin, sand in your hair and of course that perfect nail polish to match all your ‘fits!

Either you’re a glammed-up kinda gal or free-spirited wanderlust, these colors will surely take your nail polish game to the next level! Our team has identified the Top 5 Nail Polish Shades this Summer 2021 and WE ARE SO THRILLED TO REVEAL IT! 

Read through our list and by the end of it, we’ll give a *sparkly* bonus!

1. RED - If there’s a color that steals the show, it’s definitely RED! With this classic and powerful color, you can easily stand out anywhere you are.


Lady In Red

PINAKARAT One-Step Gel Polish, Shade: Lady in Red


2. HOT PINK – Screaming, hot babe? It’s definitely HOT PINK! We’re ditching the black and neutrals this summer season and we’re definitely hopping on the daring side!


Think Pink

PINAKARAT One-Step Gel Polish, Shade: Think Pink

PASTEL PINK – Sweet, feminine, beautiful. If you’re the type who wants to keep it subtle – PASTEL PINK is for you! We definitely need that everyday nail polish and this cute splash of color will give that lovely appeal.


To The Beach

PINAKARAT One-Step Gel Polish, Shade: To the Beach

4. VIBRANT ORANGE – Many have been scared to try out using vibrant colors. But in this day and age, we are all called for free self-expression! And you can simply show that with the use of vibrant orange shade in your nails. It’s time to be strong & daring!


Hot Rod

PINAKARAT One-Step Gel Polish, Shade: Hotrod

5. PURPLE POWER – If you want that captivating contrast, then paint your nails with this shade of powerful purple! This color gives that wealth, creativity and magical vibe to your life and it’s expected to be the main trend this year!


Fun Zone

PINAKARAT One-Step Gel Polish, Shade: Funzone


You can grab the three colors in our list in just ONE PURCHASE?! Think Pink, Hotrod and Funzone are packed in just ONE SET called The Beach Babe Nail Expression Kit™! You’re not only getting these organic and paraben-free polishes but you get the entire “Salon in a Box”, complete with UV/LED Nail Lamp, Magic Remover, Cuticle Wand and a Nail File in just one Checkout! *wink wink*


You’ve made it till here, so here’s a BONUS TIP! 

Our nail polish does not require a top coat, but we’re being *EXTRA* here! And a great hack is that you can instantly elevate your nail polish game by just whipping a magical sparkly top coat to any base shade. Literally, from hero (yup, we’re never zero) to SUPERHERO! You’re now ready for that beach night out and meet some new friends, confidently!



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